UK Based, High energy, highly experienced live function band


  1. ENQUIRIES and QUOTES – Simply fill in our contact form, or call or email us, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to make an introduction and discuss your ideas and requirements.
  2. BOOKING  – Booking is confirmed following the completion of a booking contract and the payment of a deposit. Deposit amounts vary based on the value of the booking, however it will be approximately 10-20% of the total fee. PLEASE NOTE: Your booking deposit is non-refundable. Please make sure you are happy with this before booking us.
  3. THE PLANNING PROCESS – We will talk with you in detail about your event and log all details you are able to confirm at the time. We will then contact you no later than 3 weeks prior to your event to confirm final details. Between these two points our band leader is available for you to contact should you have anything you wish to discuss.
  4. THE EVENT – On the day our sound and stage team will typically arrive at approximately 5pm(but of course this is flexible depending on your event) to begin set up. The rest of the band will then arrive to allow for the most efficient and unobtrusive set up. We will require a sound check, (which will be loud!) prior to performing – in all allow 2 hours from arrival to being ready to play.
  5. FOLLOW UP – Following your event we will email you a feedback request where we invite you to share your most honest thoughts and opinions on your experience with us.
  6. STAGING – is not always necessary but does enhance the performance – we can discuss with you.  We usually operate as a 6 piece – a stage around 9m by 5m deep is ideal.
  7. CHARGE - How much do you charge?  We have a range of packages available.  Contact us for a quote.  
  8. SEEING US? - Can I see you performing live before I book?  Most of our events are private functions and so this can prove tricky – we can suggest either attending a rehearsal, or check out our live video compilation.
  9. DEMO  - Do you have a demo CD?  NO, but there are audio tracks available to listen to on the website.
  10. SET LIST  - Can we choose your set list?  We have long experience of many different types of events and will suggest suitable sets – we can, within reason, incorporate requests, given enough notice to rehearse.
  11. LIGHTING - Do you provide lighting?  All lights and PA, engineer etc are provided.
  12. DRESS CODE - How do you dress?  Generally we play in casual gear (jeans etc) but can adapt as required.
  13. LIMITER? - I have a sound limiter at my venue, is that a problem?  Again we can discuss with you – to be honest these are rarely a band’s best friend!
  14. CATERING - Do I need to provide the band with food and drink?  We ask for some sort of provision for the band and crew before we play.
  15. PAT/PLI - What is PAT and PLI Certification and do you have it?  These are electrical safety and insurance measures – the band is fully compliant with both